Monday, May 14, 2012

New Addition to the Team

So I bought new cards for my Token Deck, they are yet to see combat but im sure they will do great.

I've decided to cut down my Doomed Travelers in half since most people I play with decide to take that 1 damage instead of turning it into a flyer. I know its great for board clears, and it's a potential flyer, but I just don't really see it doing any use to me in my games. I still have 2 of them in my deck though, just in case.

I've decided to put in the Spectral Rider for reasons such as:

 1. It's a great early game card, since it only costs 2W for a 2/2 attacker.

2. It has Intimidate, which means it cant be blocked by any creature unless the blocking creature is white, or is an artifact creature. So that's an instant 2 damage to the opponent, unless of course your opponent blocks it. Still, a 2/2 with intimidate is pretty dangerous.

And 3. Its an underplayed card, which means your opponent wont really be expecting it until its out on board and bringing down your opponents life down early in the game.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

B/R/W Tokens

So, I made a new deck, its not really finished yet, but I really hope I was the first to think of this type of deck. HAHA!   Since the main strategy here is reducing your opponents life to 0 not just by simply attacking as you see in the usual aggro decks , but even as creatures die, attack, or simply get summoned to the battlefield, so far I have not seen anyone play this kind of deck. The main combo here really rests within the creatures I put down. First of all its mainly a spirit-token deck. And as you all may very well know, creature tokens come and go really easily. But, the real magic rests within the creatures Hellrider, Falknerath Noble, Geist-Honored Monk, and the Suture Priest. The only problem now is that it kinda takes too much time to put all these on the board. So given the situation where in you have to speed it up a little, I would rely on the Monk, Hellrider, and of course the tokens.

Okay, Hellrider's ability is really useful especially in a token deck, since he has the ability to deal damage per creature attacking. As we all may already know, spirit-tokens usually get summoned by 2's. So for example you just so happen to summon 4 spirit tokens by turn 4, and if your Hellrider comes in play by turn 5, you should be giving your opponent a lot to deal with by then.

Next up we have the Falknerath Noble. He has the ability to deal damage directly to the opponent if a creature on the field dies. Which again is very useful in a token deck because tokens are very well balanced when it comes to attacking or defending especially if you have Intangible Virtue in play. So basically, if your easy-to-kill tokens die, your opponent will still be taking damage one way or another if you have the Noble in play. His drawbacks however would be his high mana cost and his low power and toughness.

Now comes to one of my favorite cards... the Geist-Honored Monk. This cards ability is probably one of the best when using a token deck. Her power and toughness are equal to the number of creature cards in your side of the field which is again very useful since tokens get summoned in groups. Also, when she comes into play, you instantly summon two 1/1 spirit tokens with flying to your field, so when you summon her, that's an instant 3/3 creature with Vigilance.

And lastly, we have the Suture Priest. He enables you to gain 1 life every time you put down a creature, AND you may have your opponent lose 1 life every time they put down a creature of their own. Once again, pretty useful in a token deck. Would still prefer it if it were at 2/1 though.

Overall, im really having a fun time making this deck. I test played it a few times and i'm happy to say that its a joy to play with. I just need to fix the mana flow and some of the cards then im pretty sure it will be ready for some FNM's.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Avacyn Restored

Ever since Avacyn Restored came out, I have been really eager to see what new wonders this  expansion holds. It is too bad I missed the pre-release at the local card shop I go to. Although I have seen a few of the cards in action such as Cavern of Souls, Restoration Angel, and of course the Planeswalker, Tamiyo The Moon Sage. It's pretty obvious right now that White is the "primary" color for this expansion, so lets see where this goes. Ill be keeping you guys posted on how I find the new expansion, lets all hope this is gonna be something we all find enjoyable. :)

Source of Pictures:

Klotz Productions

So as you may all know, I enjoy playing Magic The Gathering...But, I enjoy watching matches between other people as well! I really recommend you guys to check out KlotzProductions on Youtube. It is run by Kevin Klotz, and might I say he really has a talent for commentating the MTG games that go on in his FNM environment. Honestly, he is doing a better job than the actual commentators for the Pro Tours! His videos are complete with pictures of the cards the players use, the life totals of the players, and great commentating as well! Other than Gameplay videos, he also has Deck Techs which feature the decks he has constructed, and last but not least he also has Booster Pack openings. His videos have really impressed me so I hope they do the same to you. :) Check him out!


I really think that the new cards in Magic The Gathering are getting way too strong. It used to be all about how you combo your cards with each other but, now its all about who draws the good cards first... For example, the Avacyn, Angel of Hope card.... a card that grants invulnerability to all your permanents?! Seriously? I still play MTG but these are just my thoughts right now. I really miss the times when you really had to think instead of just  putting down the strongest cards to win the game...        

P.S. These are all my OPINIONS, it is not meant to offend anyone in anyway.