Sunday, May 7, 2017

La Union 174

Kinda sad that we're already having our last outing for 174, but I can say we all did go out with a bang. Instead of the usual climbs we were all so used to having, we just decided to chill around and do things that were more leisurely.

I love how we all just got to slack around without putting in too much effort into the activities we had to do. I for one, really love playing paintball because it was one of my favorite sports growing up, and I really didn't get the chance to play that much ever since my 4th year in high-school started, but it felt really great to be able to hit he field once again and just simply do what I loved doing. T'was also a first for me to actually be on board an ATV and it was actually raining so it made things twice as fun with all the mud and what not!

To be honest, this was my favorite class this sem because of all the adventures we all went on as a class, and it did really fill my heart to it's content. Thank you, Sir Bert and 174 classmates!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mabini 2017

As soon as I got word that we were going scuba diving, I was excited as hell. I've gone snorkeling before, but of course it's different with the whole oxygen tank and everything. When I was finally able to get into the water, I honestly panicked a bit. I consider myself an above average swimmer, but with the waves, the oxygen tank, and my goggles constantly fogging up, I found it extremely difficult. Needless to say, I had lots of fun still since I got to cross out something from my bucket list.

Okay next thing I wanna bring up was our camp out. My parents were actually telling me to bring a jacket because it'd be cold up there but I said I didn't want to anymore since my bag was almost full. (We didn't get to climb due to the weather so it was kind of pointless trying to keep my load as light as possible) And boy, did I regret my decision. Literally every part of my body, and parts of my body that I didn't even know existed was cold to the bone. I tried staying near the people cooking to get some warmth but it barely helped LOL. I thought it wasn't gonna get any worse, but once again I was proven wrong the next morning. I just wanted to stay in the tent the entire morning, but I was hungry so whatever, might as well just be cold than cold and hungry at the same time.

Even though I was extremely hesitant to go on this trip because I had previously injured myself during Muay Thai, I'm still glad I did! I'm also very disappointed, as well as glad I didn't get to climb either. I brought the same old running shoes I had during the last climb and I was already imagining myself full of mud again.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

That Weird Box in UP

Yeah, I didn't really know why it was there either. No one did; and honestly I still probably wouldn't have if not for this class, because I saw all the long lines and I really didn't wanna wait out in the sun for something like this.

I was never one to appreciate the "artsy fartsy" things in museums or what not, though strangely enough, my crush told me about something similar to this the day before I went, and my curiosity got the best of me.

 So yeah, Sir Bert told us we'd be going to the weird box thing in the middle of Sunken Garden, so hey, looks like I was going to see what was in it after all.

And lo and behold! It was exactly like my crush told me LOL!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Manabu 2017

So honestly this was my first time ever climbing a mountain, and I can say it was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had even though I finished looking like I purposely jumped into a pig's playpen and waddled around with them.

I've always seen myself going mountain climbing one day actually. I just never imagined it would be this challenging since I forgot weather plays a huge role during every person's climb. It rained during the previous days so that made all the tracks really muddy and slippery thus making it a huge nuisance to those inexperienced climbers such as myself. I probably fell around eight times, the sixth causing a mild sprain on my left hand since I kept landing on it.

So, above all the slips and falls, I'm really glad I got the chance to bond with my CHK friends. You see, I don't really show myself around CHK unless I have classes there, so it was great to actually have this quality time with them. And to be honest, this was actually my first time trying to cook something too.

We decided to make Nilaga with beef since it was probably one of the easiest things to make. I can proudly say it was a success too since I came home with an empty pot!
A Delicious Mess 
Anyway, I'm really glad I got to go, and I can really see myself investing in mountain climbing again as a means of leisure. I just hope I get to invest in better gear to try and minimize the stuff I had to go through during my first climb haha!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faithless-Runechanter (R/U Control-Aggro)

And I'm back to my blog after more than a month! And this time, I made a new deck! (again, which I have not seen before so I hope I was the first one to think of the concept. hahahaha! :P) So from the tittle itself, I'm sure you guys have a clue of what the deck really is about. So it's mainly a deck that runs on Runechanters Pike and Faithless Looting. It's full of 1-drop spells so that the Pike gets powered up more quickly, and Faithless Looting for putting the instants/sorcery cards into your graveyard which just speeds up the process of strengthening your Pike even more. It's really a joy to play with since I've been play-testing it here and there and the results were just phenomenal! Even though my deck still lacks Ponder and Sulfur Falls, I've managed to beat B/R Zombies and I'm sure we all know how strong B/R Zombies really is.
So yeah. since it also plays control, your opponent wont really be getting the set-up he/she wants in play.

The thing I love most about this deck is its versatility. R/U obviously includes Red, and I just love how you can use the burn spells on creatures and/or players at the same time. And like I mentioned before, its full of one drops so it includes Shock,Vapor Snag, Thought Scour, Faithless Looting, and soon, Ponder.

The creatures however are basically your quick drops... Delver, Invisible Stalker, Reckless Waif (though I have not added it yet), and Porcelain Legionnaire, and a few Hellriders. All that's left for you to do is power them up with your Pike and its game over for whoever you're playing against.

The drawback however would be that its weak against  your typical U/B Control Decks, Burn Decks, and any type of deck that would have you sac your creatures, and that it throws away your instants and/or sorcery cards. So  putting Snapcasters is kinda necessary , but if you're on a budget like me, I would not.

Overall, I'm loving my new deck and im looking forward to competing with this pretty soon.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Addition to the Team

So I bought new cards for my Token Deck, they are yet to see combat but im sure they will do great.

I've decided to cut down my Doomed Travelers in half since most people I play with decide to take that 1 damage instead of turning it into a flyer. I know its great for board clears, and it's a potential flyer, but I just don't really see it doing any use to me in my games. I still have 2 of them in my deck though, just in case.

I've decided to put in the Spectral Rider for reasons such as:

 1. It's a great early game card, since it only costs 2W for a 2/2 attacker.

2. It has Intimidate, which means it cant be blocked by any creature unless the blocking creature is white, or is an artifact creature. So that's an instant 2 damage to the opponent, unless of course your opponent blocks it. Still, a 2/2 with intimidate is pretty dangerous.

And 3. Its an underplayed card, which means your opponent wont really be expecting it until its out on board and bringing down your opponents life down early in the game.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

B/R/W Tokens

So, I made a new deck, its not really finished yet, but I really hope I was the first to think of this type of deck. HAHA!   Since the main strategy here is reducing your opponents life to 0 not just by simply attacking as you see in the usual aggro decks , but even as creatures die, attack, or simply get summoned to the battlefield, so far I have not seen anyone play this kind of deck. The main combo here really rests within the creatures I put down. First of all its mainly a spirit-token deck. And as you all may very well know, creature tokens come and go really easily. But, the real magic rests within the creatures Hellrider, Falknerath Noble, Geist-Honored Monk, and the Suture Priest. The only problem now is that it kinda takes too much time to put all these on the board. So given the situation where in you have to speed it up a little, I would rely on the Monk, Hellrider, and of course the tokens.

Okay, Hellrider's ability is really useful especially in a token deck, since he has the ability to deal damage per creature attacking. As we all may already know, spirit-tokens usually get summoned by 2's. So for example you just so happen to summon 4 spirit tokens by turn 4, and if your Hellrider comes in play by turn 5, you should be giving your opponent a lot to deal with by then.

Next up we have the Falknerath Noble. He has the ability to deal damage directly to the opponent if a creature on the field dies. Which again is very useful in a token deck because tokens are very well balanced when it comes to attacking or defending especially if you have Intangible Virtue in play. So basically, if your easy-to-kill tokens die, your opponent will still be taking damage one way or another if you have the Noble in play. His drawbacks however would be his high mana cost and his low power and toughness.

Now comes to one of my favorite cards... the Geist-Honored Monk. This cards ability is probably one of the best when using a token deck. Her power and toughness are equal to the number of creature cards in your side of the field which is again very useful since tokens get summoned in groups. Also, when she comes into play, you instantly summon two 1/1 spirit tokens with flying to your field, so when you summon her, that's an instant 3/3 creature with Vigilance.

And lastly, we have the Suture Priest. He enables you to gain 1 life every time you put down a creature, AND you may have your opponent lose 1 life every time they put down a creature of their own. Once again, pretty useful in a token deck. Would still prefer it if it were at 2/1 though.

Overall, im really having a fun time making this deck. I test played it a few times and i'm happy to say that its a joy to play with. I just need to fix the mana flow and some of the cards then im pretty sure it will be ready for some FNM's.