Monday, May 14, 2012

New Addition to the Team

So I bought new cards for my Token Deck, they are yet to see combat but im sure they will do great.

I've decided to cut down my Doomed Travelers in half since most people I play with decide to take that 1 damage instead of turning it into a flyer. I know its great for board clears, and it's a potential flyer, but I just don't really see it doing any use to me in my games. I still have 2 of them in my deck though, just in case.

I've decided to put in the Spectral Rider for reasons such as:

 1. It's a great early game card, since it only costs 2W for a 2/2 attacker.

2. It has Intimidate, which means it cant be blocked by any creature unless the blocking creature is white, or is an artifact creature. So that's an instant 2 damage to the opponent, unless of course your opponent blocks it. Still, a 2/2 with intimidate is pretty dangerous.

And 3. Its an underplayed card, which means your opponent wont really be expecting it until its out on board and bringing down your opponents life down early in the game.

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