Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faithless-Runechanter (R/U Control-Aggro)

And I'm back to my blog after more than a month! And this time, I made a new deck! (again, which I have not seen before so I hope I was the first one to think of the concept. hahahaha! :P) So from the tittle itself, I'm sure you guys have a clue of what the deck really is about. So it's mainly a deck that runs on Runechanters Pike and Faithless Looting. It's full of 1-drop spells so that the Pike gets powered up more quickly, and Faithless Looting for putting the instants/sorcery cards into your graveyard which just speeds up the process of strengthening your Pike even more. It's really a joy to play with since I've been play-testing it here and there and the results were just phenomenal! Even though my deck still lacks Ponder and Sulfur Falls, I've managed to beat B/R Zombies and I'm sure we all know how strong B/R Zombies really is.
So yeah. since it also plays control, your opponent wont really be getting the set-up he/she wants in play.

The thing I love most about this deck is its versatility. R/U obviously includes Red, and I just love how you can use the burn spells on creatures and/or players at the same time. And like I mentioned before, its full of one drops so it includes Shock,Vapor Snag, Thought Scour, Faithless Looting, and soon, Ponder.

The creatures however are basically your quick drops... Delver, Invisible Stalker, Reckless Waif (though I have not added it yet), and Porcelain Legionnaire, and a few Hellriders. All that's left for you to do is power them up with your Pike and its game over for whoever you're playing against.

The drawback however would be that its weak against  your typical U/B Control Decks, Burn Decks, and any type of deck that would have you sac your creatures, and that it throws away your instants and/or sorcery cards. So  putting Snapcasters is kinda necessary , but if you're on a budget like me, I would not.

Overall, I'm loving my new deck and im looking forward to competing with this pretty soon.